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DEPOSIT CONTRACT         Contract Date: ____/____/_____

On this day I the buyer am leaving a non-refundable deposit for: _____(one), ___________ (color), ___________ (sex) Labrador Retriever Puppy registerable with the American Kennel Club and purchased for the price of: $_______.00 (_________________________________ dollars and zero cents) for a limited registration or $________.00 (_______________________________________ dollars and zero cents) for a full registration. A second choice description would be: _____ (one), ___________ (color), ___________ (sex) Labrador Retriever. I the buyer have discussed this price with __________ of Humehill Labrador Retrievers for the litter/or puppy _____________________ and I understand that this price may be different for another puppy or litter. (Deposit checks must be made out to: Pamela Buckley) I the buyer agree that I will be on a waiting list for a puppy matching this description and will be allowed to choose a puppy in the order in which the seller takes the deposits. This puppy will have been started on a deworming program. It will have had at least one vaccination and will have been to the veterinarian for a physical, declared healthy and be at least eight weeks old prior to it being released by the seller to the buyer. I the buyer also understand that, although this puppy will be checked by the sellers Veterinarian, this puppy should see my Veterinarian within the first forty-eight hours after I purchase it to have my veterinarian confirm this puppy's health. I the buyer further understand that retrieval and or shipping expenses are my responsibility. On________________, 20___ the buyer paid a *non-refundable deposit for this puppy of $100.00 (One Hundred dollars and no cents) which is *non-refundable. The buyer agrees that payment of the balance must either be cash, money order and include shipment expenses. A personal check payable to Pamela Buckley will be accepted but must clear the sellers account prior to the retrieval or the shipment of this puppy. *Non-refundable defined as: If the buyer decides that they wish to terminate this contract prior to the retrieval of this puppy, they will not be reimbursed the deposit, but will be released from further payments. In the event of loss or death of this puppy, or if this puppy is found unhealthy prior to the buyer retrieving this puppy the deposit will be retained and put toward the next available puppy matching the description above or toward a puppy matching the second choice description of the buyer. If the seller terminates this contract prior to the buyer retrieving this puppy, the deposit will be refunded to the buyer and the buyer will be released from further payment. I the buyer understand that even though this puppy will have a vaccination to help protect it from several canine diseases it is still possible for my puppy to contract these diseases and become sick or even die. I also agree that from the date that I take possession of this puppy that it will become my responsibility to make sure exposure to these diseases is kept to a minimum. I understand that even a dog that appears healthy can be a carrier of disease and infect my puppy. I further understand that parasites and some diseases that are very deadly can be contracted from an infected environment (if an animal harboring worms or disease has toiletted in an area - even if the feces has rotted and has been absorbed into the earth - that area can be infected) so it is important for me to keep my puppy away from highly dog trafficked areas. I also understand that my puppy will need a series of inoculations to build its immune system and protect it against disease. I understand that my puppy will need more inoculations and that it is my responsibility to contact a veterinarian to schedule these shots and to pay for these shots. Humehills vet recommends a booster every two weeks until four boosters have been given and then one per year after that. Your vet may recommend a different schedule or different inoculations for your area - they are the experts and know the diseases prevalent in your area. I the buyer also understand that even though internal parasites are not uncommon in puppies they do need to be exterminated to maintain my puppy's health and a stool sample should be taken into my Veterinarian at each scheduled visit for the veterinarian to check. I also understand that it is my responsibly to give this puppy good and proper care (including but not limited to veterinarian care) to maintain the health and aide in proper growth and development of this puppy. I the buyer further understand that if I can no longer care for or house this puppy/dog I can surrender it back into the custody of the Buckley's at Humehill Labrador Retrievers. In signing this contract I know that if I am purchasing this puppy with a Limited American Kennel Club Registration it can not be used for breeding and I further agree that this puppy is not being acquired for resale, any illegal purposes, experimental use, pet shop or Puppy-Mill. As the Buyer I am aware that the actions of this puppy/dog will be my responsibility and I the Buyer also agree that Humehill Labrador Retrievers, Pamela Buckley, her family or estate will not be held responsible or liable for any injury or damage caused by this puppy/dog after I the buyer take possession of this puppy. In signing this agreement both the Seller (Humehill) and the Buyer (listed above) have read, understand and agree to the terms of this contract.

Seller: ___________________________________          Date: _______, 20_____
Buyer: ___________________________________          Date: _______, 20_____
(please also fill-out sign and attach the buyers information questioner)

*Deposit checks must be made out to: Pamela Buckley