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This questionnaire is designed to help provide us here at Humehill with information needed to be able to match you with your ideal Labrador Retriever.

Questions for perspective new owners:

Name: ________________________________________________ Age: ____________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone: (________)________-_____________ Email: ____________________________

Is this puppy being purchased for a pet? Hunting companion? Obedience, agility, showing? Other? ________________________________________________________________

Have you ever owned a dog before? ______

If yes, what became of it? ________________________

Do you currently own a dog, cat or other animals? ______

If yes, what kind? ________________________________________________________

If yes, then who cares for them? _____________________________________________

Who will be responsible for the care of this puppy? ______________________________

Where will this puppy stay during the day? ____________________________________

Where will this puppy stay during the night? ___________________________________

Have you ever given a pet away or taken them to a shelter or had one taken away? _____

If yes, what were the circumstances? _________________________________________


Do you currently have a vet? ______

If yes, could we use this vet as a reference? ____________________________________

How did you decide on a Labrador? _________________________________________

How did you find out about Humehill? _______________________________________

Do you have children? ______

If yes, how old?_________________________________________________________

Any allergies? __________________________________________________________

Current living situation? __________________________________________________

Have you previously contacted Humehill? ____________________________________

How long will puppy be left alone? _________________________________________

How will this puppy be exercised? __________________________________________

Type of yard/confinement? ________________________________________________

Have you ever trained a dog before? _________________________________________

Have you ever house trained a puppy? _______________________________________

Have you ever crate trained a puppy? ________________________________________

What sex age color is your first choice? ______________________________________

What sex age color is your second choice? ____________________________________

How soon do you want a puppy/dog? _______________________________________

What is your ideal temperament, size, activity level, characteristic, etc. for a Labrador?


If you have any questions let us know. Thank you for your time, Humehill.