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Many puppies and dogs are shipped to their new owners by airfreight. This is a relatively simple way to receive your new friend. We recommend that puppies be flown on direct flights if possible, from either Buffalo or Rochester airports to your destination. The cost of shipping varies depending on current airline rates and airline approved crate size and weight needed to accommodate a puppy or dog.

When making flight arrangements please be considerate of Humehills' schedule and discuss available air-flight times with us, as a veterinarian health certificate will be need to be obtained just prior to shipment and we have many responsibilities to consider.

The airfare may depend on crate size and/or weight. Most 8 week old puppies can be shipped in a crate that is: 21"Lx16"Wx15"H (Vari-kennel size 100). On occasion predicted temperature of a given day may disrupt flight plans for a puppy. The airlines and our own common sense regulate this.

Depending on your location and the meshing of schedule arrangements, it may be possible for a meeting partway between Humehill and your location. Mileage and/or travel expenses may be applied at the discretion of Humehill.

If you plan on flying your puppy or meeting part way, you will have to rely on Humehill to choose a puppy for you. Information that you supply to us (questionnaire and correspondence) and our many years of experience, will help us to make this selection for you.

Pick up of your puppy from Humehill is always welcome, but there are some considerations to be made. Timing of your visit depending on how far down the 'choice of puppies' list you are and the co-ordination of our schedules top the list. Because we run many errands (vet, dog food, kids, etc.) and have full time employment away from Humehill to support our Labrador habit an appointment is necessary. If you are driving from a distance and plan an over-night trip, weather and lodging need to be planned for. While our rural location is an ideal environment for our Labradors it makes lodging about 45minutes - 1 hour away from Humehill depending on availability and your needs.

Shipping costs along with the balance of the puppy's purchase price and crate costs must be paid in full and the purchase contract must be signed and returned to Humehill prior to the actual shipment of your puppy.