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Welcome to Humehill Labrador Retrievers and Humehill Jr Pomeranians

The Labrador Retrievers and Pomeranians at Humehill have been selectively bred, nurtured and loved on our 4th generation family farm, located in the gently rolling hills of rural Western New York State.

At Humehill we strive to consistently produce beautiful Labrador Retrievers with classic English style, sweet loving temperaments, good health and outstanding trainability. We are just as driven to produce top quality Pomeranians with classic style, good health and sweet, silly personalities in a rainbow of exotic colors.

Show Quality

Humehill Pomeranians

The gorgeous Pomeranians of Humehill Jr. come in an exotic array of colors for the elite small dog lover that wants a beautiful and unique fluffy friend that will “turn heads” and draw attention. Humehill Jr Poms are sweet little fire-crackers with comical personalities. It’s really hard to limit yourself to only one…they are that addicting and endearing.

Family Friendly

Humehill Labradors​

Humehill Labradors have been selectively bred to be able to “do it all” and are the ultimate family dog. They will be your best and most loyal friend, your child’s confidant and can also be great hunting companions and service dogs. What more can be said for such a wonderful breed of dogs?

Hear From Our

Humehill Families

We brought home our puppy 12 years ago. We love our Charley and would always recommend Humehill. Pam absolutely does a great job of making sure her dogs are loved, and it shows in her puppies. Thanks, Pam for our amazing family member!!

Jessie Santillo

Kirby is a happy-go-lucky and good-natured little fellow. His personality is another indication of a reputable and conscientious breeder. I wholeheartedly recommend Humehill if you’re interested in purchasing a Pomeranian. You will gain a new family member who will end up stealing a piece of your heart!

Carol Henning

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