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Lab Puppies & Adults For Sale

Humehill Labrador puppies are carefully bred from generations of beautiful, genetically health tested bloodlines with impeccable temperaments. Before your puppy leaves Humehill, it will visit one of our amazing veterinarians for a health check-up. They will also receive at least one vaccine, a microchip and will be dewormed as recommended. We offer lab puppies for sale in the New York and New England areas as well as adult labs.

Young Chocolate puppies

We have a couple of chocolate puppies that are ready for new families and we have younger chocolate puppies that will be ready for new families in May. Updated 6-7-24

Black and yellow puppies

We have black and yellow puppies that will be ready for new families in mid-late June. Updated 6-7-24

Chocolate Labrador Puppies

We have a couple of “started” chocolate puppies that are available. Updated 6-7-24

Labrador puppies/young adults

We occasionally have well started puppies and young adults available. They are usually priced higher than our 8 week old puppies because we purposely chose them from their litters to stay and we have invested our time, care and have spent more money for vaccines and all that goes into raising a puppy….. and we do also get emotionally attached to them.

Labrador Puppies

We are expecting to have chocolate, yellow and black puppies.

We have taken several deposits for our puppies that are due to be born. We won’t know if they are all spoken for until they are actually born and we see how many are born and what their genders and colors are. If you don’t mind waiting for one of our puppies, then you are welcome to place a non-refundable deposit. We have also started a waiting list for people that don’t want to commit a deposit and would like to be contacted if we have more puppies than we do deposits. Per NYS puppies have to stay with the breeder until they are 8 weeks old.

 Puppies are chosen by their new families in the order that we have receive deposits. We do require a non-refundable deposit to reserve puppy. Non-refundable means that if you decide that you no longer want a Humehill puppy we will NOT refund your deposit or any part of it, we will roll a deposit to a future litter if the timing doesn’t work for you. The deposit goes toward the purchase cost of the puppy.  If you would like to reserve a Humehill puppy we will gladly send you a deposit contract and our questionnaire. Our questionnaire helps us guide you to a litter or puppy that is closest to your ideal.

Prior to leaving Humehill our puppies visit our Veterinarian for a health check-up, they are on a deworming program and will have received their 1st vaccine and a microchip.

We do have a “call back/notify” list or waiting list. We notify people when we have a puppy matching what they are looking for that hasn’t already been reserved with a deposit. If you would like to be added to our waiting list or if you would like to reserve a puppy please let us know and we will gladly add you to our list or send a contract if you would like to reserve a puppy. The best times to call are between 8:30 am and 10 am, after that I may be outside walking dogs, feeding or cleaning the dogs. Please do not call before 8:30 am or after 8:30 pm. We require that you have an appointment to visit, because we both work full time jobs to support our dog habit and we have volunteer and family commitments. We are not a pet shop with “open” hours and we do not give tours. This is our home and our dogs’ home. If you have any other questions you may send an email or call us.

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