Memory Lane of Labradors

Beautiful & Sweet

Labs of the Past

Over the years we have been very privileged to have known and loved many endearing, beautiful, sweet Labradors. Some of the Labradors in this section have crossed the rainbow bridge and some are still on this earth and making people a bit happier everyday. Some of these sweet soles are pictured with their families and some are pictures while they were at Humehill.

Black female (Buddy & Wow)

Placed as a pet March 2023


Cowabunga is a very large sweet black girl that alway is carrying some around…. usually the oldest toy available. Her sire is Sunny and her mother is Elsie.


Luna is a daughter of Sunny and Elsie.


VooDoo is a very lovely daughter of Diesel & Ice. Retired to a pet home.




Exquisite is a sister to Muncy. She is a Tank daughter that was placed as a pet in 2020.


Indy was placed as a pet in the fall of 2020.


Sparkle is a big sweet Sunny & Ritz daughter that was placed as a pet in 2020.

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