How to Purchase

What you can expect from Humehill

Our clients can expect a quality healthy puppy from generations of quality healthy adults, bred responsibly for decades by highly respected breeders, from very reputable kennels. Our clients can also expect honesty from us and support when needed. We also encouraged our clients to contact us with questions.

What we expect from our clients

1. To be honest and up-front with the information that you provide to us.

2. To be able to provide a happy, safe and loving environment for a Humehill puppy.

3. To provide their puppy/dog with proper nutrition and care to keep their new puppy/dog healthy.

4. To be a responsible new owner spaying and neutering their pets and never allowing them to run free unattended.

Our Guarantee – available by request

Guaranteed Rights per New York State Law Article 35-D 

(see also: The Sale of Dogs and Cats Notice – provided by Humehill to you at time of purchase) 

Per NY State Law Article 35-D & 753.1 as a buyer you have a maximum of 14 days following the purchase of your puppy to have a NYS Licensed Veterinarian deem that this puppy was unfit for purchase due to illness, the presence of symptoms of a contagious or infectious disease or within 180 calendar days (6 months) from the date of purchase for a congenital malformation which adversely affects the health of this puppy. The Veterinarian must fill out a form prescribed by The Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets for the buyer to present to the seller. This form must include information which identifies the type of animal, the owner, the date and diagnosis of the animal, the treatment recommended, if any, and an estimate of the actual cost of such treatment.  NYS law provides that intestinal parasites shall not be grounds for declaring a puppy or dog unfit for sale. NYS law provides that an animal may not be found unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained, or an illness contracted after the buyer took possession of this puppy or dog.

*** For any Guarantees to be valid – You must have your veterinarian scan, verify and document this puppy’s microchip number at every visit, and you must keep your receipts!!!***


Pick up of your puppy from Humehill is always welcome, but there are some considerations to be made. Timing of your visit depends on how far down the ‘choice of puppies’ list you are and the co-ordination of our schedules. Because we run many errands (vet, dog food, kids, etc.) and have full time employment away from Humehill to support our Labrador habit an appointment is necessary. If you are driving from a distance and are planning an over-night trip, weather and lodging need to be planned for. While our rural location is an ideal environment for our Labradors, it makes lodging about 45 minutes to 1 hour away from Humehill depending on availability and your needs.

We do not ship puppies!

Due to frequency of internet scams, inhumane practices by some unscrupulous breeders and transporters, laws have been established to help eliminate fraudulent pet transactions and to raise consumer awareness of the treatment of their new pet to encourage face to face pet purchases.

The law does prohibit us from flying/shipping puppies without a face-to-face sale.

We encourage people to make the trip to Humehill and see how your new family member was raised and nurtured. Occasionally we can drive and meet people part way or deliver a puppy to you. You are also welcome to fly into the Rochester or Buffalo airport and drive to Humehill. 

Please contact us for more information.


The new rule will not allow customers to purchase pets sight unseen as well as shipping of pets to their new homes will no longer be possible. Customers must arrange to meet any puppy they are interested in prior to finalizing the purchase of their new best friend. This is a federal rule and applies to all 50 states in the USA. 

New Client Questionnaire

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